#domagick: I think I have a plan

So, one of my problems in coming up with something to do for this was too many ideas. Too many different approaches and techniques ranging from the simple to the complicated. I’m very cerebral to a certain extent, and while I was pondering meditation or visualisation or shielding work, I didn’t quite feel that would be enough to enact change. I needed to physically do something.

The breakthrough came while reading through Thea Sabin’s ‘Wicca for Beginners’, and how she talked about the Witch’s pyramid. I’ve honestly never worked with it at all, but the way she structured it, as a set of stages to progress through, that set something off in my head. Particularly since To Know was at the base, and to be honest, I have enough knowledge. I felt that wasn’t where I was at.

But To Dare, and fire, now that was the challenge that faced me. I’ve never been big on fire. Never felt particularly comfortable using it. But it is what’s holding me back. I know that. Even Hekate’s told me to master fire. To know it, and to know how to use it.

And so, working from that basis, I did some googling for spells I might want to use. I didn’t go looking specifically for fire spells, but I did find one I liked. One that was simple enough I felt I could handle it, and it involved fire. I’m a bit scared. I don’t really do burning things, because I get scared about things being set on fire. But this magick is meant to challenge you, and fire magick is a challenge for me. So that’s what I’m going to do.

The spell itself is basically an execration by fire, in that you write down all the shit you want to be rid of, the things holding you back, and then you let it burn away in the fire. Doing this once, of course, is one thing, but to do it for 30 days, now that feels like it might actually work for me.

And since I am weird about burning things inside, I’m planning to take my sand-filled cauldron out to the back patio to do this working, just so I can not worry about accidentally setting anything on fire. And it can sit on concrete, so that’s fine.

The other half of this magic is a self-love salt scrub, which sounds … a little simple, but I plan to do that after the burning, to help nurture and heal myself and let myself grow from the ashes. I just feel like I can’t do one without the other. Fire and water together, y’know? It makes sense to me.

I’ve never been one to do a lot of magic, so I always wanted this to be as simple and as easy to manage as possible. I didn’t want this to require so much stuff, and so much skill, that I was put off by it, and didn’t carry through. So yes, these things may seem very simple as pieces of magic, and that’s the point. Simple works for me. Simple means I can stick with it.

There will also be mundane magic to back this up. It’s nearly Lent, and since I live with my Christian parents, Lent is a thing that happens here. And I suggested to mum a 40 bags for Lent challenge, where you donate or throw out 40 bags of stuff in the lead up to Easter. So that’s the plan, to do a very thorough declutter and get rid of the things holding me back. Because I am very good at hanging on to stuff long after it might’ve been useful.

I want to get my room to the point where focusing on my Etsy shop is possible, and there isn’t just shit clogging things up and stopping me from working. I’ve got to the point where I just have too much stuff lying around that I never use. Too many books I never read. Too much rubbish I never throw out. Too many old sketchbooks that probably don’t need to stay. I only have a small room, and so space is limited.

I’m also considering getting rid of some of my statuary, at least the pieces I really don’t have any use for anymore. I have a LOT of statues, and while some I am keeping for later, others are just hanging around with no use anymore. I might have needed them for a particular thing once upon a time, or I bought it and now no longer need it (because who can have too many statues of the same deity? I can!), so that will be a long process to look through that box and really decide what I actually need for my practice, and let the others go. There may also be some books, and a couple of decks of cards, and maybe a few other things I might get rid of, too.

So I’ll be starting this magic tomorrow, and working it all the way through to Easter (April 16th, iirc), just because that feels like the right thing to do. It also gives me time to do this work at my own pace, and work on one thing at a time, to really let this sink in and effect change. I think, with this sort of work, if I try to change too much all at once, to tear things down and start again, that’s … not really the best way forward for me. I don’t react well to that change. I react better to erosion by water, as Aset once described it. It’s the little things, bit by bit, that work better for me, not a fkn tornado (a.k.a Set). It gives me time to adjust, and to accept, and to build on what comes before, and create what’s coming next.

Actually, a lot of this comes from what Mars was telling me yesterday evening while meditating with Him. You know the magic you need to do, so work with that. So that’s what I’m planning to do. I’ll be posting here every day about my results, and how things are working out for me. How I’m feeling, how I’m experiencing things, whether I feel it’s working. So expect daily stuff from now on.

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