#domagick – Day 1

#domagick day 1
#domagick day 1

I think it’s fair to say I’ve had a pretty shit morning. Waking up with a migraine is one thing, but waking up two hours early with a migraine is quite another. I’m not one of those people who can’t just go back to sleep if I wake up, so I ended up dicking around on my phone for an hour and a half, because I just couldn’t go back to sleep.

In the end, I gave up and got up, and for whatever reason, maybe it was just because the house was empty, I did my first burning. I needed to just do it, to get it out of the way, to take that first step.The chanting is good, though. The burning spell I picked has a good chant, and while the paper burns very quickly, I still got four rounds in, which is a good number for me in Kemetic terms. I also adapted it for the shower scrub, to not just help me memorise it, but to reinforce that magic and the work I want it to do.

Still, even after all that, I can’t say that I’m feeling much better after that, and after the shower and scrub, since I am definitely going to nap this afternoon, but that’s one down, and *counts* 46 to go. I am very tired and I need a lot of coffee right now. Hopefully, tomorrow goes better.


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