#domagick – Day Two

#domagick burning day two. Like, this, and the book I’m referencing for the rite, are all I use. I don’t do circles, I don’t invoke gods, I just write my things down, and banish them to the fire, and chant while they burn away into ash.

So, I did my burning inside this morning because it is humid af outside today and I don’t want to spent any more time out there than I have to, so. I managed to successfully burn it inside without damaging anything, which is a good effort for me, I think.

I haven’t done the scrub yet, I had to go and cut out the boards for the book my brain decided I needed to make at midnight last night. So I’ll do the scrub later. But I can begin to feel that magic sinking in. That drive to change things, and let go of things, and become better than I was before.

It finds its form in decluttering, and I managed to throw out three garbage bags of trash out yesterday. I’m planning to do my clothes today, and sort out a few things that I don’t want anymore. It’s not that I’m aiming for some sort of minimalism, either. But I’ve lived in this room for twenty years, and that makes it very hard to throw things out, because so much of my life has happened in this space.

The book I’m making has been made from the remnants of an old Book of Blessings I used in 2004-2005. It was this big, fat, spiral bound A4 sketchbook that I took apart ages ago. But I hadn’t used all the pages, so there was this stack of 72 sheets left and so I thought I would do something with them at last and turn them into the Shedety daybook I’m working on. The final version will be in there.

So that’s about it for the moment, I think. I might come back and post at the end of the day about what I’ve done, and how I’m feeling. I sort of wish I had more than just practical stuff to share, but there’s a certain amount of mental energy that goes into posting every day and sometimes, it’s just burning it, and the change is so subtle within me that it’s hard to talk about it. But anyway. The work continues…


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