#domagick – day three

The weather right now is not exactly conducive to fire magic, that much is clear. Day Three was humid af, and it seriously saps my energy for anything too strenuous. Still, I did my burning, and my scrub, and did a little decluttering before descending into a Buffy marathon.

I did speak to Isis in meditation that night, and She told me to be gentle with myself, to let myself heal from all the cuts I’m making. She offered some further symbolism for the scrub, and the use of salt, and honestly, it was nice to just sit with Her by the shore and talk. She also suggested I talk to Aphrodite, though my track record of getting on with love deities is not great; it’s a weird uber-feminine love goddess energy thing that just doesn’t resonate with me as a queer nonbinary person. I find it very hard to transform that into a face I can relate to. Still, I’m going to face this fear as well and trust Isis knows what She’s doing.

The weather for this week is going to be hot, so I’m going to save my burnings for the late night, since it’s the only time I have where I’ll be a) alone, and b) it won’t be awfully hot. I’ll try to at least get a little decluttering done each day, though, because something is better than nothing.


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