#domagick – day 5

I’ve hit a bit of a plateau in terms of my energy levels. I blame the heat. It’s hard to get up the energy to declutter, let alone burn things, when it’s so hot outside. Still, I have kept burning things, because I must.

I feel like I’m beginning to feel it working in me. It’s such an intangible feeling, but I don’t know. I don’t know. But then I always felt that this sort of magic, for me anyway, needs to be repeated in order for it to work, so perhaps this is just the right time and the right method.

I’m certainly becoming okay with the burning in terms of handling the paper and lighting it and throwing it in the cauldron. I think it does work best outside at night, if only because it is easier to feel like it’s just me, and this is shit I’m carrying around is going, no matter what. I hold that paper, I read the things I want to banish, and I feel it. And then I fold it up and burn it, and I let it go. I’m getting better at that, I think. Of not just doing it, going through the motions, but really feeling it, letting it sink in.

No decluttering today. I did the second drawer under my bed the day before, at midnight, because wynaut, though there are still some things I need to go through. I am one of those people who throws things together in an envelope and shoves it in a drawer, and I have nfi what is even in them, but I have three of them, and I found some more old uni work, so I will have to pull that out again and go through it to see if there’s anything there I need to let go of. Other than that, it’s going well. Better than I thought it might. So that’s something.


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