#domagick – day 6

Fuck it, be weird.

That is the phrase that’s been going around in my head today. I find I’m actually okay with that. I did watch the Sydney Mardi Gras last night, and spent two hours crying and feeding my ka with my lovely queer people and allies <3, so that was good for my soul.

I think it’s helping to bolster my confidence, that I’m not the only one out there, and fuck it. Be weird. Most people are too caught up in their own brains to think about you, so what the hell. Life’s too short etc.

I’ve just done my burning, too. Bit late, but I didn’t have the space until now. But that’s okay. There’s something about the night that makes the burning work in a way it doesn’t during the day. Also, if I do it outside, I can let the smell of burning things stay out there.

It’s been another unproductive day, but I chalk that down to the vague migraine. We did go to the beach for a picnic tea and to watch the sunset, so that was nice and peaceful. I also think, in terms of the decluttering, that I’ve hit all the most obvious areas, so I’m just stepping back to think about what I need to go through next.

Also, in Exercises in Confidence and Socialising, I have not just bought a new red cape for Hekate, I am going to go pick it up, and have lunch with some new people on Thursday, so. Be weird. That is my fucking motto. Now I am going to go move my body and shift these fkn muscles a bit.


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