#domagick – day 7

So, it’s that time of the month, which makes for a fabulous mood. -_- It sort of set the tone for the rest of the day, really, and I didn’t really do much of any magick or decluttering until late tonight. Just didn’t have the energy until then.

Still, I have begun clearing my books out, and I’ve gone through a couple of little chests of drawers I keep around for my witchy things to clear out the stuff I don’t need anymore, or haven’t touched in years. So that’s something.

That pause before I burn things is becoming quite potent, and in some ways, I find that’s the most intense part of my work. Of reading that list of things I want to get rid of, and being okay with that, and then giving it to the flames and watching it turn to ash. This might be obvious to more experienced people, but for me, I’m still getting used to working with fire in this way, and how that sort of magic makes me feel when I do it.

Still, I’m hopeful that this will at least result in some sort of change for the better. How far I get with it in terms of letting things do, I don’t know yet. Only time will tell.

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