#domagick – day 10

So yesterday’s burning went well, if done a bit late. I’m beginning to notice how my attitude to my stuff is changing as I’m going through it all. There’s a lot of stuff here that I haven’t touched for years, it’s just been sitting here, taking up space. So to go through it and recognise that it’s okay to let it go, that I’ve had my time with it, and now it can be passed on, is a good thing for me. To be able to look at the things in my room with the sense that I want things that are meaningful to me and who I am now, not the things that hold me to the past.

Friday is Isis day, and I went into meditation with Her, asking Her to bring Aphrodite, so I could meet Her. Which is a big thing for me, because I’ve always shied away from the love goddesses. And I know I still have a long way to go in terms of developing a deeper self-love of myself, but I spent some time with Aphrodite, and Isis, by the shore outside Isis’ temple in Bakhu, and it was good. Yeah, it was good. I see this as a significant step in just ten days, to get to the point where I’m willing to speak to Her, to know I need Her help developing that self-love and nurturing myself.

The reasoning for Aphrodite over, say, Hetheru or Bast, comes down to Hermes, and Hermaproditos. I know Hermes, now it’s time to know Aphrodite. And I’m at a point now where that isn’t terrifying, where that huge feminine energy doesn’t scare me off. And She actually appeared to me in a way I wasn’t expecting, sort of like Xena, but with darker olive skin, and with the same sort of long dark hair and leather outfit. Her gentleness struck me more than anything else. I’m interested to see how this relationship develops, and the lessons She might teach me about how to love myself better.


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