#domagick – day 11

There’s some gusty wind around tonight, so I decided to burn inside. Which is fine. I am more confident doing that and not setting the place on fire. So that’s good.

We had our state election today, and the incumbent Tories got a massive kicking, which has improved my mood substantially. (I mean, they aren’t proper Tories, they are the Liberal party, but the only liberal thing they care about is giving liberal amounts of money to their rich mates and corporations, so.)  Maybe it’s that minority stress thing pressing down on me because dole bludging unemployed arts graduate with no hope of getting a job, let alone a fkn house, or even getting married, but things feel a bit more possible now. Just a little.

I’ve done a lot of decluttering today, too. Clothes, toys, figurines, books, notebooks and journals, magick stuff, it’s all up for review, and I’m beginning to be able to see how much stuff has actually gone. Some things will need to be looked at again, and I still need to do massive amounts of filing, but much of the big work is done.

I still have a lot to do, and more magick to cast, but it’s beginning to feel possible. Shaping my reality, shaping myself, into what I want to be, doesn’t feel impossible anymore. There’s still a lot of work to do, but I can begin to see the benefits, and this keeps me moving forward, striving towards that self-transformation I really want for myself.

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