#domagick – day 12 and full moon rite

So, today is the full moon, and so today was the day to try out my circle-casting ritual and my full moon ritual for the first time, and see what kinks I need to iron out. Turns out, I ought to have spent more time trying to memorise things, but generally, it worked out well enough.

I used the full moon ritual to do my burning this time, because there was space for it before my meditation. That actually worked out pretty well, and it was interesting to see how the energy felt slightly different this time.

I spent some time before the ritual tonight going over the circle-casting ritual, just so I could figure out what gestures would work, and whether I should circle the whole time. A lot of what I chose to do in the end is down to the fact that I have a TINY SPACE to work in, and I can’t circle the space very well without getting dizzy.

In the end, I decided to use the E,W,N,S chanting bits to stand in each direction. I would raise my arms to invoke during the casting, and lower my arms during the closing, as a way of marking that. I need to work out the flow of offering the water to each quarter, and where that happens. Afterwards, the water offerings were left outside for the dogs to consume.

Things I Messed Up:

  • Not remembering that I had put a reversion of offerings in here, and I can’t just offer straight honey rum bc I can’t revert that at all wtf.
  • I skipped a verse in the circle closing
  • I need to practice Selene’s hymn

In meditation, I chatted with Isis about a lot of things, and Hekate turned up at the end to get me to play with fire some more, and see how well I could control it, though my brain got very tired at that point, and I lost it. But that’s okay.

Isis told me to keep doing that circle-casting every day, until I have it memorised. Do it without tools. Do it with tools. Do it until you can do it in your sleep. She also wants me to be able to visualise the hounds as well as I can, and begin working with them regularly too. So I might take the chance to do that of an evening, and meditate within it, and get to know how that circle and the hounds feel.

There was also more encouragement to work on the witchcraft stuff, and develop what She revealed to me in last year’s NaNovel, because that wasn’t just a nice thing to talk about Hekatean witches, it was also, apparently, an instruction manual. So that’s going to take a while to piece together a coherent, complete tradition, but apparently She doesn’t mind if it takes 20 years, as long as it gets done, so. Thanks, I guess.

There were a few other things relating to work I’m doing at the moment, though nothing I feel able to share here. Still, it all seemed to go as well as a first-run can go.

In self-transformation work, I’m getting a better image in my head of how I want my room to function, and what I need it to do. It really does need to be a witchy room I also happen to live and sleep in, so anything that doesn’t serve that purpose, and isn’t precious, really needs to go. This gives me a direction to focus on, and work towards, as I start the slow process of going through all the little things, now that most of the big rubbish is gone. I know what I need to aim for. So all that’s very promising, and I’m pleased with where this experiment is going.

Hopefully, with the cooler weather this week, I’ll be able to make some more progress on the decluttering, and maybe tackle the filing I have been putting off for forever.

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