#domagick – day 13

I’ve hit a bit of a low ebb in my magickal practice, tbh. It’s partly work stuff taking away my energy, but at least I’m still doing my magick. I haven’t had the energy to declutter, though, and I doubt I’ll get around to more of that until maybe Thursday or Friday, but that’s okay. I feel a bit bad for making such a short entry but honestly, there’s not much more to add now.

I have been thinking about my circle-casting thing, and practicing that like Isis said I should, but I think I might save that until when this #domagick thing is over, so I can focus on it properly. I want to spend some time casting and releasing it, casting and releasing it, until I’ve got it memorised. Working more with the hounds, trying to get a decent sense of what a magickal circle feels like when it’s done well.

But yeah. That’s about where my brain is, so. On to tomorrow.


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