#domagick – day (3.)14

It’s 10pm, and I have done my burning. I’ve been at work today at the shop, and so my energy levels are a bit shit right now. But I asked Ganesha to help, like Isis suggested. I might ramp it up later in the week with a more substantive rite, or at least a not-cobbled-together-from-a-tired-brain prayer, and maybe offer some milk and sweets, and see how we go with that. I haven’t worked with Ganesha for a long time, so I’m interested to see where this takes me.

That said, I’ve been at about 50% all day. My appetite’s a bit shit right now, and IDK, this whole ‘waking up early for work’ thing is not fun. I have no energy for anything more than this for today, maybe tomorrow as well, but at least the weather’s cooler.


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