#domagick – day 15

It doesn’t feel like I’ve been doing this for two weeks, but that is where I’m up to. I attempted a slightly more ritualistic framework for Ganesha, and the burning, after buying a bucket of Maltesers on the way home because that is what happens when you ask Ganesha what sweets He wants. He is a happy elephant god, though, and I’m looking forward to working with Him again.

I’m also thinking of dyeing my hair red again. I haven’t dyed my hair for years, but idk, if red’s good enough for Shirley Manson, it’s good enough for me. I’m also feeling like, I need some way to move ahead, to physically show that change, that transformation, and since I am too much of a wimp for tatts and piercings, dyeing my hair seems like the reasonable step to take next. But I know if I think about it too much, I’ll never go through with it, so I am seriously considering just going out and getting it done tomorrow, just because fuck it, then it’s done, and I can move on. But I’ve been migraine-y all afternoon, so idk. We’ll see how we feel tomorrow.

The other thing of note that happened today was having one of Hekate’s hounds with me, on and off, throughout the day. I was still feeling shit this morning, and on the train, there was this dog – I saw it as a black greyhound. And it sat beside me, and leaned against me, and there came a moment where I wondered if it was there for healing, and then wondered how a dog was meant to heal anything, and lo, I saw it bite something shadowysquishygrey and eat it, as if in reply, so.

But, hey, I felt much better an hour or two after that, so. *throws hands up*

By the end of the day, the dog had turned into a Houndoom. Because of course it had. (But not a mega Houndoom, they look stupid.) Which reminded me of the male Houndoom I have in SoulSilver, which I named Kelly. The name has now stuck. It also made me ponder a slightly less serious Hekate art piece where She is a Hydreigon holding torches (it’s a Dragon type, it has three heads, etc), and there are Houndoom at Her feet. But anyway. It’s late and I am in the mood to kick back and watch dumb Nate and Dookie videos until I can’t keep my eyes open, so. On to tomorrow.


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