#domagick – day 18

Bit of a late haphazard sort of day. Trying to decide what to do with all the stuff I still need to go through, and what to do with the Pagan-y stuff (books and statues) that I feel is too niche to just give to an op shop. I know I have a Notebook Problem, and I have a ton of them stashed away. Some I probably should hang on to, but there are others I could probably let go of.

Ritual tonight went well enough. Found a short daily puja rite I’m going to attempt to mod into something useful for this work. I also chanted the om gam ganapataye namaha mantra 108 times tonight for Ganesha, so. I am beginning to get the hang of working with Him. I still have a lot of research to do on Him, and on figuring out where this work will go once I am done with it.

Still, things are still going, and I am still burning. Now all I need are for all these tiny bitey insects to fk off and leave me alone. 😡

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