#domagick – day 19

l-r Isis, Renenutet, Quanyin, Mary, Hekate. Drawn in Hekate’s grimoire today. I have a lot of Thinky Thoughts about this.

So, today I worked on Hekate’s grimoire, and filled in the page I had earmarked for my ramblings about Isis-Renenutet-Mary-Hekate, which I am sure will just be one of many. I also added my full moon rite, though I switched out the Homeric hymn to Selene for the Orphic one, and that flows better, at least to my ears. I have a few tweaks to make and then I’ll post the rite properly as a final draft, including better ritual instructions.

The photo above shows what I drew at the bottom of that page as I attempted to puzzle out this … thing. IDK. Isis is the blue snake, associated with water (Isis-Sopdet heralds the Nile flood). Renenutet is the gold snake, associated with earth, and She is the harvest brought forth from the earth by the silt brought by the Nile. Mary is the silver snake, associated with air, and She is Queen of Heaven, and those that share in the divine offerings brought forth from the land. Hekate is the red snake, associated with fire, and She is that which burns the land, returning the dead to the ground to turn into fertile soil again. In the centre sits Quanyin, associated with spirit/aether/etc, who is the centre, and everywhere. She is the compassion of Ma’at who keeps the cycle balanced.

I’m … sort of tempted to figure out a LBRP-style ritual that works in that framework, because that just seems to be what it wants me to do. There might also be another circle-casting thing that happens, but idk. We’ll see where this work goes, and whether I get any closer to grasping what this is, and why it’s so important to me.

In burning ritual news, it has gone fine, and I am still piecing together a Ganesha ritual. I did two rounds on the mala beads, and got twelve minutes of chanting in, so that was good. No decluttering, but I’m getting a better sense of what I need to do, and what I need to let go of in order to make this work. I might get to work on the last two things tomorrow, and at least sort out the notebooks. Then that’s one less job to worry about.

4 thoughts on “#domagick – day 19

  1. Wow. You seem to be getting a lot done and also have a ton on your plate. The LBRP-type ritual with those goddesses sounds on point. I’ve never really used the LBRP, but I’ve always that creating/using one geared more towards the deities that I work with would be useful. However, I don’t know enough about it. Good luck. You’re such a talented ritual writer that I’m sure you’ll hit it out of the park if you decide to do it. The Ganesha ritual sounds exciting. I hope you don’t mind me commenting like this. Just let me know if it messes up your site. Thanks. Many blessings.


    1. Yeah, sometimes, when things need to change, they just barrel along until they’re done, picking up whatever else gets caught in their wake. I still have a lot to do in terms of path-building on top of the magic, and there are calendars to organise and everything else, really. But at least it keeps me busy. 🙂

      There’s a LBRP workshop being run for Covenant of Hekate members at the moment, and since it’s the only ceremonial magic thing I’m interested in, I’m working my way through it. I still don’t think that just subbing in the names is going to cut it for these goddesses, though. I suspect I may need to take the concepts of the LBRP and transform them into something else. I had a thought last night of using Quanyin mantras. But yeah, I don’t know. It’s a thought right now until I find the catalyst for whatever it is it needs to be.

      Feel free to comment away, I always like getting feedback on what I write. WordPress is designed to handle comments, so don’t worry, it won’t mess things up. :D?

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      1. The LBRP is a fun ritual to play with and redesign to meet your own needs. It’s basic enough to not be too constricting. I just wrote a version of it to better represent the energies I’m working with, and may do the same with the Hexagram ritual too! Magick is Love is Creation is Art! Blessings to you on your journey!


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