#domagick – day 20

It’s a bit hard to get the whole room from the doorway, but that’s about the best I can do.The bucket of Maltesers belongs to Ganesha. Because of course it does. -_-

Ahaha in which I posted this at the wrong site because I fail at checking which blog I’m writing in go me. :D?

So. It is the Autumn Equinox, and with the exception of the candle box, I am done with my decluttering work. I have thrown out or donated a grand total of 30 bags of stuff, which I’m quite pleased about. If it gives you any indication of how much crap I have thrown out, I have emptied 11 lever arch files. Which were all full. So there. :D?

I didn’t do much of a formal shrine rite for the equinox tonight, I might save that for later when I’ve got enough brain to concentrate on it long enough to decide what to do. But I did light up all my shrines, and I’ll be doing the State of the Shrines post over at Per Sebek once I’m done here. I did take some videos, but upload speeds being what they are, there is not enough time to do that tonight, so I will leave that until Thursday, when I will have the whole day to just let them upload and do other things. There’s one room tour video, one flip through of Sobek’s grimoire now that I am almost done with the first section, and a flip through of the physical Shedety daybook I am working on.

I hadn’t expected to be done at this point in time, so I’m thinking I might use this week between now and the deipnon to do … I hesitate to call it a goodbye, but to work on letting go of the things I’ve thrown out, and making peace with that. Giving myself permission to grow and change and step forward into a better place. I have the new moon CoH SoK ritual to do on the 28th (ish), which will be a good way to start the new lunar month, and to reinforce those energies I’ve been working with.

I’ve been thinking a lot about elements in my work this month, what with all the fire magic. Because I am a kid of a certain age, I keep relating the classical elements to Pokémon types, and it’s actually more useful as a metaphor of what I’m strong and not so strong with than you’d imagine. See, I’m a very grounded person. I’m a Ground type. The type matchings don’t quite sort evenly into earth, air, fire, and water, but you can sort of make it work.

For me, Earth contains Ground, Rock, Grass, and Steel. Water contains Water and Ice. Fire is Fire. Air is Flying and Electric. Not all types fit these categories, and honestly, if I was doing a ten element system, I’d probably have a better way of organising it, but the classical four is where my brain is at the moment, so that’s what I’m going to talk about. (I’m also leaving out of the lists below the types that aren’t relevant.)

So, for me as a Ground type, Ground is super-effective against Rock, Fire, Electric, and Steel, but it is weak to Water, Grass, and Ice. Rock is super-effective against Flying and Fire, but weak to Grass, Ground, and Water. Grass is super-effective against Water, Ground, and Rock, but weak to Flying and Fire. Steel is super-effective against Ice and Rock, but weak to Ground and Fire. Whereas Water is super-effective against Ground, Rock, and Fire, but weak to Electric. Ice is super-effective against Rock and Flying, but weak to Fire and Steel. Water and Ice resist each other.

Fire is super-effective against Grass, and Steel, but weak to Water, Rock, and Ground.

Finally, Air/Flying is super-effective against Grass, but weak to Rock, Electric, and Ice. Flying is also immune to Ground. Electric is super-effective against Water and Flying, but weak to Ground and Rock.

So when I look at that, I can see why I hate water so much, because it’s super-effective against me. It’s probably an element I’d struggle the most with, because it’s not a natural strength for me, and so I would find it very hard to control and use effectively. But Fire, in this context, isn’t a problem, because Ground is strong against it. Fire won’t get out of control, because I’m able to control it. Air is the one in the middle, I think. I need to work in different ways (other than Ground) in order to utilise it (throw rocks at birds, for instance, is how I always remember that), but it’s still possible to work with it.

… I guess it also explains my aversion to plants, because Grass is super-effective against Ground. D: /everything is explained by Pokémon. D:

Anyway. That’s a small insight into where my head is at, and I’m actually curious about continuing to work with Fire, and see where that takes me in terms of getting to know elementals and that sort of energy, which I’ve generally ignored in my witchy/pagan-y practice so far. But yeah, it’s nice to feel like the end is drawing close, and I plan to do a proper cleansing/purifying ritual for Deipnon to help shift any of the dead energy that’s still hanging around, and begin to bring this magick to a close. So I’m feeling very positive about all this, and I can even feel the changes in me.

I know I’m becoming more chatty online (a bit step for a not-very-chatty introvert), like I’m not as afraid to just talk to people, and connect, and to comment on forum threads and whatnot. It’s a small step, I think, towards being more open to people. Particularly since I had a moment, earlier in the week, where I knew, in my heart, that I was ready to explore group ritual work. I don’t want a coven. I don’t want a big group. I just want, maybe, two or three people, to explore this with. That’s not a scary thing to me anymore, to know that I want this, and I want to begin seeking this out, to find the people who might help me make this work.

A lot of that is tied up with the witchcraft tradition Hekate keeps throwing at me, which I’m sure will take years to get close to teachable, but nevertheless, She persists, and so will I. But that’s still so new and intangible that I don’t really want to talk about it much here right now. But there will be more to come later, definitely.

Anyway, this is long enough, and I have another blog to write tonight, so. Onwards and upwards!

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