#domagick – day 21

Not much to add today, I was in the shop all day, and all I’ve had time for is the burning and that’s about it. I have, however, dyed my hair! Though, ngl, sometimes I wish my hair was a little lighter brown because it makes getting anything bright that’s not a ginger really fkn hard. Still! I persist! I might actually get it properly salon done at some point when I have spare money, bc even the cheapest one I can find is still, like, $60, plus another $30 idk for the cut (which I also need) and I resent spending that much on my hair at once negl. I might save it up for Pride in November and go all out then because wynaut. Maybe that’s what I’ll spend some of my saved $5 notes on. RAINBOW HAIR?? BI PRIDE HAIR???? 8D???????

Still, it’s the first time I’ve permanently dyed my hair on my own, and I don’t seem to have messed it up, so I am feeling very confident about that. Also, I am pretty sure this colour is going to be fkn flames in the sunlight, so there’s that! My natural colour is topaz/tiger eye, in that it’s brown with ginger in it, so it always looks flames in the sunlight, but adding ginger or red makes it FLAMES. Whereas other colours don’t tend to work as well because they don’t work with that natural brown-ginger I already have. I AM EXCITE.

I hadn’t even planned to dye it today, but I was in Priceline to buy some Panadol, and wandered past the hair dye, and thought, fuck it. Let’s do it. And now it is done. I am so ready to be not-brown-haired right now. :D? (Boy am I glad my otherwise shittily sensitive scalp does not care about hair dye or I would be mad as fuck. It just seems to care Very Much about commercial shampoos and conditioners. Fkn hell.)

Also, I got the State of the Shrines post done last night, so that was good, even if it took a bit longer than I’d anticipated, and I sort of sped through it a little because I wanted to get it crossed off my list. I say I rushed through it, but it ended up being 1800 words, so JUST THINK how long it would’ve been if I’d spend half a day on it. IMAGEN. XD

Anyway. I have a kitchen to clean, and then a doco on urbex to watch, before I fall into bed and collapse before I get to do it all again tomorrow. Woo!

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