#domagick – day 22

So I think I’ve come to the end of the usefulness of my burning magick. I just feel like I’ve crossed a threshold now, and burning things won’t really add to what I’m trying to do anymore. So I think I’m going to start smoke cleansing (because my cat hates it when I throw khernips around), and shifting the energy that’s built up to help clear the space, now that I’m done with the decluttering. I’m also done with work for the week, so I can concentrate on really getting that cleansing work done in the lead-up to the deipnon, and the new moon rite, and the work that’s still to come.

The plan, at this stage, is to keep doing something until the end of the month, probably smoke cleansing, and whatever else I feel is necessary, and once I’m done, I might do some sort of new beginnings ritual and there, I might then discard of the sand and ashes I’ve been collecting in my cauldron, and let all that shit go. So the banishing is done, so now we just need to clear the air and nudge on any residual shit that might be holding me back. I might chant to Ganesha to help shift that energy while I’m working, to help open the way and remove obstacles that might still be hanging around. Yes, that might work.

I really want to spend the next few days working on my daily office rituals. To build up the practice now into what it needs to be for the time being. My decisions don’t need to be permanent, they just need to be made, so that I can begin April knowing what I’m doing, and being able, then, to stick with it, and not worry about what I’m meant to be doing. It’s been too long since I’ve had a daily ritual structure, and I’d like to get back to it. So that’s the next piece of work that will finish this month of magic off, and set me up for a good start when the month changes.


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