#domagick – day 23

So I have improv’d a cleansing rite tonight, using incense and my bell. Frankincense and rosemary are my cleansing scents of choice; I use them for the deipnon smoking as well. I started with smoking me, and then the room itself, opening all the drawers and cupboards and whatnot to make sure the smoke got into every corner of the room. It’s a bit more thorough than what I usually do, but I’ve shifted so much stuff out of here in three weeks, I’m just making sure that energy moves out and doesn’t get trapped anywhere.

Once I was done with that, I asked all the energies that are hanging around that are no longer needed to depart in peace, to rise with the smoke in peace, and rang that bell like there was no tomorrow as I circled around my (tiny!) room. I also used the incense to trace pentagrams in the four directions, and over my door and window (okay, my window is basically my East wall, but you get the idea).

I suspect I default to banishing earth pentagrams when I do this sort of thing without thinking about it, but I guess that makes as much sense as any in a cleansing rite, I suppose. (I am such an Earth person idek.) I don’t really think about it, that’s just where I start when I go to trace pentagrams in the air. And no, I have never learnt, nor been taught, the invoking and banishing pentagrams, so idk where I picked it up from. I might try to imbue that with some earth energy, or try some visualisation work, when I do my cleansing tomorrow, just to see what happens..

I may also strip down all the shrines and redo them, just because that feels like a Friday sort of thing to do. But we’ll see.¬†Honestly, I think the more prep I do for the deipnon and noumenia now, the better. I won’t have time, nor the energy, to get it all done on Monday. I might do some purifications once noumenia is over to finish the challenge, and to invite in good energy that’s going to support me and my success. That seems like a useful thing to do.



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