#domagick – The Spells

So I’m going to list here all the spells I’ve used, and where I got them from. I have not been particularly original in writing my own material for this, but that’s okay. It’s done what I needed it to do.

I had initially planned to post about this at the start of the month, or at least as part of the research work, but that didn’t happen for many reasons. So I’m posting it now. But it’s okay. I think I’m in a better position now to evaluate how useful they were and what my experiences were in using them repeatedly throughout the month. I’m mostly just doing cleansing now, and these magics have done their thing, so this seems to be a good time to look back at them and how effective they were for me.

Burning fire magick: Out With The Old, In With The New from the Witches of the Craft blog

I am not a terribly experienced magical practitioner, so I was looking for something simple and effective to do that would also challenge me, and when I stumbled across this spell, I knew it was the one I would use, even though the prospect of burning something every day scared me a bit. I just knew nothing else I would find would be as effective as this would be.

Some of the #domagick people are doing much more complicated magicks than I am, but that’s okay. This challenge, for me, was all about Doing The Fkn Magick, and if that means starting with something simple like burning, so be it. And, to be honest, I think it really was the best choice. I thought I might burn outside every night, since I didn’t know how well I trusted myself to burn things inside, but that really only lasted a week, and I’ve been burning inside ever since. I just put my cauldron on my altar, light Hestia’s candle, and get the magic burning away.

Knowing I’m a very Earthy person, and knowing that this personality actually helps me control fire, helped me stop fearing it. I’m still mindful about burning myself, as you should be when working with fire, but if I was called on to burn again, I wouldn’t hesitate. I’d do it, and I’d use my big cauldron, and things would be great. No problem. And honestly, that was part of what I wanted to get out of this practice, too. To just get used to burning things, over and over again, and stop being afraid of it.

That said, the repetitive nature of the spell, doing it again and again and again, really did make it clear to me that if I wanted to do any more self-transformation work in the future, I need to do it every day. And I sort of wish more of these spells were written with that instruction, do this spell every day for a week/month/etc, and not just ‘work towards changing yrself’, like that’s an adequate way to instruct someone on how to move on with this kind of spell. So that was a good thing to learn, and I’m glad I learnt it.

Salt scrub: (modified) True to Yourself – Spell from Pomegranate and Ivy blog.

I honestly didn’t have all the ingredients for this one, so I had to improvise. I subbed out the violets for rose petals, I didn’t use apple seeds or lemon, and I think I subbed in … something else. Peppermint! That’s it. I didn’t have mint, but I did use peppermint (tea leaves). That said, I should have written it down, and I didn’t. But I did the salt scrub, and I actually modded up the chant used for the fire spell to work for the salt scrub, to keep that magic going, as the plan was to burn, and then to scrub. I used coconut oil to mix, because my mum has a huge tub of it because Nigella Lawson.

(I am so inconsistent with my spelling of ‘magic/k’ I can’t even.)

I’ve actually never used a salt scrub before, so that was a new experience as well. But it was nice. I liked taking that moment to scrub, and to feel clean, and loved. I still never quite got more of a visualisation than a vaguely grey pool of water beneath my feet, but that’s okay. I think it worked well enough.

I also came to see the salt as helping to sterilise and clean the wounds from where I’d been banishing and cutting things out. Metaphorical wounds, of course, but you get the drift. That sense of using this scrub to heal as well as to scrub clean. I liked that symbolism, and that meaning in what I was doing.

I don’t know if I’d use this again, though. I’m not overly fond of scrubs, and I think there are better ways for me to do this sort of thing than with a scrub. My instinct was to find some sort of scented body lotion, and to use that as an act of self-care and self-love after showering, rather than to scrub myself clean. But I honestly think I needed to try this in order to know for sure whether this is my thing or not. And I have another option if I ever need to do this work again for what to do about the pampering and healing stage of things.

All up, the fire magic worked wonders, though the salt scrub was something I probably wouldn’t do again. But at least I have Done The Fucking Magic and have a bit more experience with spells like this under my belt, and I feel more confident moving on to more magick and other things. So that’s good. I think this has been a really good month for me, and I’m keen to finish this month off, and work on building up from there.

At this stage, I have no specific cleansing rituals in mind to finish off the month, but if I come across one I want to use, I’ll share it here, just so it’s all recorded in one place.


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