#domagick – day 26

I was hoping today would be more productive than it was. I resewed a book, and I gathered all the ritual information I currently have for Masrai and Her gods, but honestly, that was about it. Mostly, I’ve been pondering how best to set up the shrine now, and what statues I might need to get to better represent Masrai, Inyi, Jirisha, and Seteni. Now that Masrai’s made it clear They want regular worship, finding proper icons is the next big task for Them, so They are represented better. For now, I’ve made do with statues of Sekhmet, Anubis, Bast, and Set, but these are … not really the full picture. I need animal forms, more than anything else, but how easy that will be, I don’t know.

I have been doing morning rites for Them, though, including Them in my rites to Sobek. Mostly, I’m just repeating myself, because it’s easier than doing two separate rites. One of the things I had planned to do today was to write out a Masrai-version of that morning rite, but that didn’t happen. I might pick up a notebook this week and begin scribing what I have in there, and maybe beginning to organise Their calendar a bit more. Their ritual structures are a bit different from the Egyptian ones – the purifications alone require milk and water, so I may end up doing one big rite for Them a week, and then just including Them in my morning rites anyway.

One thing I have started doing is perambulating with my little statue of Ma’at when I get to that bit of the rite, which, okay, sort of works in the tiny, tiny space I have. I think part of it was bringing Ma’at to Masrai, and Her gods, a way to say, Ma’at is established here too, She is with you. I have left Her statue before the gods on that shrine for the past few days, I feel like They need it. They also don’t want me to consume all Their offerings. The water should be shared a little, but then left for Them to drink. Then disposed of either at night, or the next day.

Fictional polytheism is weird in a lot of ways, and I don’t know if it was just a coincidence that Masrai turned up just as my #domagick work was coming to an end, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some shit I needed to clear out before I could do any work with Her. That said, a lot of this work feels more at home over at Per Sebek, so don’t expect much more of that over here. Anyway. I have some smoke cleansing and meditation to do before bed, so hopefully tomorrow will be more productive.

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