#domagick – day 27 and Hekate’s Deipnon

I feel like tonight marks the formal break between the old and the new. It is the deipnon, after all, and that makes sense. Tonight was also the night I offered my cauldron of sand and ashes, along with some herbs, to Hekate, and then offered them to the earth. My cauldron is now empty, and clean. The ashes of my rebirth are now gone. It’s all gone, and that’s okay.

Meditation tonight was a bit … mixed, tbh. I had a lot of mental chatter to deal with, but between that, I did manage to talk to Hekate about phoenixes, and rebirth, and fire, and such. Tomorrow night, I perform the next Sanctuary of Hekate Kleidouchos rite, and I might finally stop feeling like I’m in limbo.

There was one visual I do remember, where my skin flaked and floated off, like I was shedding my skin, and I watched them all float away and leave me fresh and new. I like that.

I’ll upload pictures of the rite later, since it’s nearly midnight, and I should be in bed. I have work tomorrow, after all. Here’s to a new moon, and a new me, and the last few days of this challenge.

ETA: Here’s the deipnon altar video I promised you (albeit a bit late getting posted here). It shows the cauldron and the ashes from the burning that I’ve given back to the earth.

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