#domagick – day 28 + Hekate rituals

So, today I woke feeling like a Regigigas with Slow Start, so that was fun. I was so tired I didn’t even get my morning rites done, and have bought offering loaves to compensate my gods for missing out. I have also had a very tiring day, and I got home late, bone-tired, and not in the mood for Hekate magic and ritual work. But ritual work needed to be done, and so it was done.

Perhaps because of my state of mind, my visualisations were not very strong, though I’m not going to write them up here, because it is SoK work, and not public stuff, so. That is a private entry for later. But it is done, and now I can begin to move on, and finish off this month. Woo. *exhausted cheer*

Imma have some peppermint tea and go to bed, once I have typed up this meditation. *collapses*


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