#domagick – day 29

It has been an exhausting week. Even though today wasn’t as busy at the shop as yesterday was, I am still buggered, and my right shoulder is Complaining Loudly. As a result, all I have managed to do, ritual-wise, is give offerings to Masrai and Her gods, and cirumambulate with Ma’at. I don’t have the brain to do much else.

I did meditate with Masrai, though, but I lost myself in mental chatter halfway through. Which meant I didn’t even get to try the Hekate meditation from yesterday, either. I did try, but for whatever reason, I can’t concentrate on that right now.

That said, I have started reading ‘The Tao of Craft’ and I now have a zillion ideas for possibly translating some of those sigil concepts into hieroglyphs. Like, I can see them in my mind. This is notable and weird for a few reasons, the biggest one being I honestly Did Not Get the point of sigils until I started reading that book. I don’t know what it is about Western magickal writings on sigil creation, but none of them have ever resonated, or made any sense to me. I suspect it might  be another abstraction thing, but I can’t be sure. All I know is that this book makes sigils make sense, and I am totally on board with making Kemetic ones now. So that’s about as ~magical~ as my day has been.

Oh, and I uploaded my deipnon shrine video to youtube, so you can see the cauldron I’ve been burning in, and what it looked like after a dressing of rosemary, some wormwood, a releasing herb mix, and some incense ash.


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