About Sobekemiti

Sobekemiti has been worshipping Egyptian gods for sixteen years, and dabbled in Wicca, Kemetic Orthodoxy, and Kemetic polytheism, as well as druidry, and Hellenic polytheism. Xe has maintained Per Sebek, in honour of Sobek, since 2004, when it was a hand-coded Angelfire page.

A recent bout of Hekatean crossroads work has radically reshaped hir practice, and xe is now exploring Kemetic monasticism, as well as going back to study witchcraft again, at the behest of Hekate and Sobek. One can’t be a scribe without being a magician, quoth Sobek.

Xe also runs Shedety Scriptorium and Magical Supplies on etsy, where you can find handmade books, prayer beads, and other magical items for sale.

Sobekemiti can be contacted at ibdjehutyATgmail.com, @sashataakheru on twitter, or leave a comment on the blog.

About this grimoire

In many ways, this is an experiment as much as a blog. I want to document my witchcraft studies and practices to figure out where I want to go, and how it will be incorporated into my life, before committing anything to paper.

Also, I discovered a very old online Wiccan BoS, in an old bunch of files, that I made in Microsoft Frontpage, like, a very, very long time ago, and it was never finished. And while some of this material might end up back on Per Sebek, I wanted a place dedicated to my craft things, where I could record and reference and collect and document, and build up this magical practice in its own place.

That, and there’s already enough going on at Per Sebek to dedicate anything completely to magic. So this is the new place for all of that.

Some very personal things, like meditation logs and other woo, may be posted privately, but the plan is for just about everything else to be public, so it can be a reference for others as much as it is a reference for me.