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Welcome to the Grimoire

This is a collection of spells, rites, and magicks I’ve written, sorted and collected here for your reference. Expect this to grow as this site grows, as I add more to it. Some of these are still in draft form and being tested, hence they are linked from my blog. They will be separate pages once I am happy with their final forms. So ymmv and please come back and see what’s been added.

I have also included my #domagick work from the Feb-March 2017 challenge for self-transformation. It’s partly for my own reference to have them all linked here, but also in case anyone else wants all the links in the one place.


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Research and Summaries:

Daily Magickal Work:

Self-Dedications and Initiation Rites:

Full Moon Rites:

Circle-Casting Rituals:

Books of Shadows and Grimoires: